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Wear Your Schedule on Your Wrist: Agenday Comes to Smartwatches

If there’s one thing we at PGi pride ourselves on above all else, it’s our innovation. For over 20 years we’ve pioneered new communication and collaboration technologies with the same goal in mind: empowering businesses and workers with the solutions they need to drive better collaboration for better results.

That’s why today I’m proud to highlight the latest product from the PGi Innovation Lab: a new release of our Agenday® smart calendar app that brings with it innovative technologies and features for the worker of today (and tomorrow). We’ve always dedicated ourselves to creating collaboration and productivity experiences that focus on the needs of the busiest business users, from CEOs to salespeople. And with this latest edition of Agenday, those experiences have taken a dramatic leap forward.

The first of these new experiences is Free/Busy Polling, a feature designed to take the headache out of scheduling your meetings with multiple parties, especially those outside of your organization. With Free/Busy Polling, instead of having to slog through an endless series of back-and-forth emails to establish a meeting time that works for everyone, the meeting host can create and send a poll with multiple day and time options directly from the app.

The participants then vote on the meeting times that work best for them, and Agenday automatically chooses the best one. It’s an effortless three-step process:

  1. Send the Free/Busy Poll with your available dates and times.
  2. Invitees respond via email or Agenday, indicating the date and time options that work for them.
  3. Click to schedule your meeting at a time that works for everyone.

The other major update in this latest version of Agenday is particularly exciting for those of you on the cutting edge of technology. We’ve officially brought Agenday into the wearable era with smartwatch functionality for Android Wear. For you smartwatch owners out there, the latest release of Agenday helps you better manage your day and empower your productivity with four unique features:

  1. Meetings Watchface: With a single glance, see when you have meetings and when you have free time, minimizing missed meetings and late attendance.
  2. Running Late: Send a message to meeting attendees if you’re running behind—right from your smartwatch.
  3. Join Meeting: Quickly join iMeet® and GlobalMeet® online meetings or initiate a conference call by simply tapping a button on your watch.
  4. Weather Watchface: Displays the current time and weather conditions.

We’re incredibly excited to embrace this new category of devices, as more professionals each day are working on-the-go and embracing new technology and interaction experiences. We hope you’ll enjoy exploring the future of business productivity and collaboration with us through Agenday.

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