Create Memorable Content with Webinars

In a world where every individual and brand has a voice on social media and the opportunity to generate and distribute new content, it can be a struggle to rise above the noise. Creating truly memorable content and relationships can be challenging when your target audience is weathering a deluge of messages competing for their attention.

We all want to be memorable, but for marketers, being memorable is practically the Holy Grail. You need customers to engage with your brand, advocate for you on social media and turn to you as a trusted adviser and expert in your field. However, the rules (and tools) of the game are constantly shifting; a few short years ago, having a blog and a social presence alone was enough to stand out from the crowd. But with the explosion in popularity of content marketing, these are merely the entry points now.

It’s time for marketing to turn to new technology to differentiate themselves, and an increasingly popular option is utilizing webinars to generate leads. Once an expensive, overly complicated proposition, webinars now allow anyone to leverage the power of video to build more engaging, memorable relationships with clients and prospects.

Show, Don’t Tell

The beauty of webinars—and why they’ve garnered such attention and traction with Marketing professionals—can be summed up with a simple phrase: show, don’t tell.

Think of how many snore-inducing presentations you’ve had to sit through throughout your career. Now how many of those were a result of a lifeless presenter simply reading slides to you? People come to webinars and other virtual events to be enlightened, engaged, delighted and inspired. You can’t afford to waste the opportunity of a fresh lead by providing lackluster content.

By utilizing webinars, you have the opportunity to combine a carefully designed presentation with real-time video of yourself or your presenters, a vital combination that leads to lasting impressions. Remember, up to 93% of communication is non-verbal. Can you really afford to leave that much opportunity for engagement on the table?

Webcasting solutions empower you to present more engaging presentations through interactivity, real-time video, sharing slides and on-demand replays. However, simply hosting a webinar isn’t enough. You have to carefully design and prepare your webinar presentation if you truly want to stand out.

The Perils of Presenting

Presentations, by their very nature, are fighting an uphill battle for your audience’s attention. According to a survey by presentation company SlideRocket:

  • 32% of respondents have fallen asleep during a presentation;
  • 30% have snuck out of a bad presentation at least once;
  • 21% would rather do their taxes than sit through a presentation; and
  • 18% would rather go to work on a Saturday!

These are pretty damning numbers, but is that really surprising? How many times have you tuned a speaker out thanks to “eye chart” slides with tiny fonts and entirely too much information on them?

The technology you’re using is irrelevant if your content isn’t engaging. So what’s to be done about lackluster presentations? There are a number of simple tips that can salvage even the driest of presos:

  • Emphasize the Opening: Your first slide can make or break your presentation and is your only chance for that first impression.
  • Keep it Simple: Monstrous decks—30 or more slides—can sink an audience’s morale for you even begin. Keep things short, simple and streamlined.
  • Bigger is Better: Font and image sizes play a huge role in how your content comes across. Make sure everything is large enough that no one is squinting.
  • Make it Interactive: Your webinar tool comes with chat, polling and social media integration for a reason. Keep your audience engaged by leveraging interactivity.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating engaging presentations, and incorporating even one or two of them in your next webinar will make a considerable difference in audience engagement.

For more tips on building killer presentations, download “The Little Black Book of Presentation Ideas” for free today.

Remember: technology is almost never the entire problem, nor is it necessarily the entire solution. Technology is a means to an end; by coupling webinar features with engaging, quality content, you can ensure that you and your brand are truly memorable.

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