New Infographic: Studies Reveal Real Benefits of Teamwork & Business Collaboration

Companies are constantly adapting to provide the most efficient and productive work environments for their employees. In the newest infographic from PGi, “From Me to We,” studies and industry thought leaders reveal that the real benefits of teamwork and collaboration are different across industries, businesses and even generations.

With a collaboration market projected to reach $33.8 billion in 2018, technology reigns supreme in today’s teamwork-driven workplace, helping connect more employees than ever before as businesses go global and employees work from anywhere. Corporate investments in collaboration technologies include team workspaces, project management, group chat, social intranets and video conferencing, thanks to movements like Bring Your Own Device and Application (BYOD, BYOA), social business, social selling and more.

As businesses continue to support teamwork and connectivity in and out of the office, employees can be more productive, efficient and ultimately satisfied on the job. To help you on your way to creating a culture of teamwork and collaboration, we’ve put together a free eBook, “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, explaining three necessary steps:

  1. Coming Together: Identify your needs, structure your team and its goals and, most importantly, fill it with the right people.
  2. Keeping Together: The work doesn’t stop once the team is assembled. Learn how to continually evaluate your team’s unique personality and leverage it to its fullest within your company.
  3. Working Together: Collaborating effectively—through the positive and the negative—will truly bring the dream of your productive team to life.

Learn the three steps necessary to create a culture of teamwork and collaboration within any organization in this great eBook, “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.”

How does your company promote teamwork and business collaboration? We’d love you to share in the comments below.

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