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Recap: Forrester’s Forum for Sales Enablement Leaders

The theme of the Forrester’s Forum For Sales Enablement Professionals this week in Scottsdale, Ariz. was “Win in B2B By Optimizing All Your Sales Channels,” and the session topics ranged from sales in a digital environment to sales enablement and transformation to customer alignment.

But really, this conference was all about customer engagement, according to Seismic, through the entire buyer’s journey – from the first contact with a customer (usually via marketing efforts) to storytelling in the sales process to satisfied customer referrals.

Networking and relationship building are undisputedly crucial components of successful sales organizations. As Brian Goonan of Ernst & Young said, “Your competitor can copy your product or service, but they can’t copy the relationships you build.”

However, in our complex business environment, sellers must simply do more and be more for their customers. That’s where sales enablement comes into play.

In his working session remarks, event emcee Peter O’Neill explained the six business goals of sales enablement and how to justify the investment in sales enablement tools. Unsurprisingly, one theme evident in all business goals is improving sales processes, resources and skills to enable salespeople to spend more time selling.

One key way to accomplish these goals is through the utilization of virtual and video meetings. According to the analyst firm Aberdeen Group, companies using video meetings reported normalized sales productivity (which is the total average deal size divided by average duration of the sales cycle to generate average monthly sales productivity) of approximately $64,000 per month per deal compared with approximately $25,000 for the other firms.

At PGi, we demonstrate the value of virtual meetings by using our own software to enable our sales organization when there isn’t time or budget to meet in person. The result: our sales team is more efficient, productive and memorable when interacting with customers and prospects.

The next Forrester’s Forum for Technology Leaders will extend the conversation on operating a more customer-centric business by discussing the importance of customer-obsessed technology agenda. Look out for PGi there in sunny Orlando during April 27 and 28.

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