Productivity Tips, Meeting Hacks, Tech Toys, Oh My! Top 5 SlideShare Presentations for Work

Looking for help with business etiquette? Searching for tips to boost your productivity? Need some ideas to help your team connect and collaborate?

We all want to get better at our jobs, build our network, be more productive and ultimately break through to the top. Here are our top 5 SlideShare presentations from PGi to help you climb that ladder, pump up the productivity and be the meeting host(ess) with the most-est.

Find yourself suffering from meeting ennui and the death-by-PowerPoint blues? These 10 meeting productivity hacks will help you transform your scheduled powwow into a persuasive, powerful business experience.

I love that this infographic make the top five! Explore the future of work technologies that are coming down the pipe. I mean, who wouldn’t want to skip the commute and join the conference room as a holograph instead?

More productivity hacks for your to-do list, with this super popular presentation with hacks to spring-clean your work regimen (and your sanity).

Tired of lame, painful and super awkward conference calls? These business etiquette tips will help you eliminate the pain and start having awesome meetings. My personal favorite presentation on this list, learn how to take the pain of “who’s there?!” out of conference calls to have powerful, successful and productive conference calls.

Our most popular SlideShare presentation, with over 30,000 views, asks: “For the future of collaboration technology, are we there yet?” Top business technology trends, including mobility, cloud collaboration, big data and UC, are explored in this peek inside the future of business communications.

What’s your favorite SlideShare deck? Or have one you created that would benefit our Future of Business Collaboration community? Share it with us!

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