8 Productivity Hacks from the Galaxy’s Top Executives

We live in a world where efficiency is key. It’s all about getting the most done in the least amount of steps. We are constantly searching for the quickest shortcut to get from point A to point B. How can we maximize our time and efforts? How do we get more out of what we put in? These are questions we ask ourselves every day.

At PGi, we take productivity seriously. We had to crack the code. After several meetings, a follow-up call and a recap email, my team decided to head back to the drawing board and really think outside the box on this one. And then it hit us. All we had to do was attack the low hanging fruit right in front of us.

We needed to ask the people that are already doing this right: the influencers, the gurus, the productivity envangelists. There are successful people above all around us and they have clearly found the formula to mastering productivity.

So, after observing some of the world’s top executives (far too successful and busy to be named), we have documented their sure-fire tips and put them into a formal presentation. Use these tips to hit the ground running and climb that intangible ladder of success. Go get ’em tiger!


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