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Who Controls Your Workday? Choose When You Meet With Free/Busy

You have the incredible ability, more than ever, to autonomously manage your time and choose the order of tasks in your workday—when you respond to emails, whether you tackle big or small projects first, when you stop to think and when you hunker down to work.

And then, ping! It’s time to meet in 15 minutes.

Workers independently shape their workdays according to their own styles and flows for optimal productivity at work, but when it comes to meetings, the appointments speckling their calendars are still overwhelmingly chosen for them.

But what if you could choose when you meet?

Free or Busy? Now You Have a Say

PGi’s smart calendar app, Agenday®, now offers you the power to choose whether you’re free or busy for meetings.

Agenday’s free/busy polling feature allows the meeting host to send up to five possible meeting times for invitees to choose from. This not only saves the host time trying to coordinate schedules through long email threads but also empowers attendees to have a say in when they meet.

Unlike the free/busy feature on your email calendar, Agenday’s version does not reveal your schedule to anyone. The decision of when to meet is truly up to you.

Without Choice, Meetings Wreck Your Productivity at Work

Meetings are a necessity to collaboration, teamwork and project management, but when you boil them down, they’re also interruptions.

On average, workers say they lose about three to five hours of productivity at work to interruptions, according to research cited in Fast Company. To be fair, meetings are just one of many disruptions.

However, any interruption, whether it’s a brief text notification or an hour-long meeting, has the ability to throw your stream of thoughts out the window, to halt your progress and to thwart your focus. In fact, studies have shown that interruptions as short as a couple seconds increase the rate of error when workers return to the task at hand.

Simply finding an empty spot on someone’s calendar isn’t enough. Without choice, meetings quickly change from productive time to wasted time, impeding:

  • Work Flow: Too many meetings in a day means there are too many interruptions for workers to focus on the work in between the meetings. And the interruption isn’t just the meeting itself; it’s also the time it takes to refocus afterwards and the time wasted beforehand when workers don’t have sufficient time to get started on projects before meeting again.
  • Restorative Breaks: Without the ability to say no to back-to-back meetings, workers lose out on much-needed time to pause from the grind and take a real break. It’s those breaks that fuel workday endurance and make the difference between a productive worker and a burnt-out worker.
  • Energy Management: Workers are increasingly choosing to align their daily tasks with their natural energy. But without a voice in when to meet, they can’t choose to brainstorm when they’re at their most creative or to listen to a presentation when they’re most focused during the day.
  • Workday Flexibility: Meetings may interfere if someone needs to leave early for the day or arrive late due to personal obligations. When workers lose that flexibility, they may also lose engagement and motivation to participate in meetings.

The Agenday smart calendar app is completely free to download in the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Apps. Get yours now to take control of your day.

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