How Agenday Saved Me from a Bad Hair Day

I’d like to think I’m a fairly organized person. At work, my desk is covered with Post-it® notes with lists of tasks at hand to keep myself in check. At home, life is pretty similar with grocery lists on the refrigerator, calendars of my work outs for the week, you get the point. I like to know what is ahead, so I never fall behind.

But like any normal person, I do fall behind. Unless I have some sort of reminder of what I have going on for my day (like my collection of Post-its), there’s a good chance I’m going to forget something. On a weekly basis, I play in three different soccer leagues, take kickboxing classes and try to make time to meet up with friends for dinner or drinks. Add in things like doctor’s appointments, needing to get my oil changed or birthdays and I have a lot going on and a lot to remember.

I often find myself saying out loud how much I really wish I had a personal assistant to keep track of all the things I have to do during the day. But, seeing as I’m not in the position to afford a service like that, I had to find another way to keep me on track.

Enter Agenday

During my first week at PGi, I was introduced to Agenday®, a smart calendar app that serves as my free “personal assistant” if you will. Because Agenday happily takes on the role of my assistant, aggregating all of my calendars into one place, I can easily access my schedule for the day or week.

But even after consolidating all of my appointments and reviewing them for the week, one fateful day I fell victim to human error and almost missed a super important appointment—my hair appointment. I waited six weeks for this appointment and I completely forgot about it until Agenday sent me a notification at the beginning of the day reminding me.

I almost had to suffer through six more weeks of frayed ends and terrible roots that needed the TLC only my hair dresser could provide. But I avoided that horrifying scenario thanks to a calendar that works better than my brain can after a long work week.

Bridging Professional and Personal

There’s much more Agenday does for me other than saving me from a bad hair day. The app has other features that are great for keeping both my personal and professional lives on track:

  • One stop shop: As mentioned earlier, I love the fact that I can have all my appointments in one app. Agenday not only aggregates my calendars, but it also combines my phone’s contacts and location into one simple interface. There’s no more navigating between my calendar, my contacts and my maps to make sure I get somewhere on time.
  • In-app calling: Too frequently I make plans with friends and get bogged down in Atlanta traffic, making me chronically late. Agenday allows you to contact the person you’re meeting with right from the app if you’re ever caught off guard.
  • Staying on schedule: If you’re like me and you have a lot going on after work or on the weekends, sometimes it can be pretty difficult to keep track of everything (see above for the perfect example). Agenday allows me to customize my alerts to keep my day on track.  I also use this feature as a way to make sure I keep up with my fitness goals. I make an appointment in my calendar to go to the gym or to take a fitness class, and Agenday automatically reminds me, that way I won’t be tempted to skip out.

All business collaboration tools don’t have to strictly serve as a work tool; they can help in your personal life as well and provide a bridge between the two. Agenday is one of those tools that promotes productivity in both the workplace and in my personal life. I can now stay on track and, thanks to my “personal assistant”, I won’t ever have to worry about potentially having a bad hair day again!

Ready to try Agenday? Download the app for free in iTunes, Amazon App Store and Google Play.

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