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I’m In! at the AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit 2015

The Seventh Annual AA-ISP 2015 Inside Sales Leadership Summit, held April 20-22 in Chicago, proudly claims to be the “World’s Largest Gathering of Inside Sales Leaders.” So as a provider of the best meeting platform for inside sales organizations, PGi was proud to sponsor.

PGi has been a sponsor of the AA-ISP Leadership Summit for years.

The 2015 theme was “I’m In!” based on the idea that summit attendees are part of the community that is taking the performance and professionalism of inside sales to the next level. There was a plethora of content in the presentations, ranging from sales leadership and management to hiring and development and selling trends and tools—including PGi’s presentation, “There’s No ‘I’ in Sales! How Better Collaboration Drives Better Results.”

Check back on the PGi blog in a few weeks for a video of our presentation!

There was quite a bit of digital conversation on Twitter. Here are a few of our favorite tweets:

  • @jed_morley: “Ask sales reps what motivates them and they’ll say ‘cash.’ Ask the question why three times and that’ll be your answer.” @murrays41 #LS15
  • @dougdevitre: “In 5 years #insidesales will produce more quota than outside sales.” @DaveElkington CEO @InsideSales #LS15
  • @randyt28: “Before you buy a tool, sit on the floor next to a rep and make sure it would actually help them”  @Factor8Sales #LS15

Speaking of helpful sales tools, PGi debuted a sneak peek of new sales presentation software coming soon, iMeet Sales, to the attendees at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit.

Learn more about PGi’s portfolio of collaboration tools help you improve your sales efficiency and effectiveness.

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