007 Gadgets Every Meeting Agent Needs

Meeting Agents are always on the go. From sales meetings with prospects to marketing conventions in different cities, you need to be connected and collaborative at all times.

Check out these seven gadgets every Agent needs to gather and share intel, stay connected and keep organized while on a mission.

1. Online Meeting Tool: Meeting Agents are always on the go. With an all-in-one online meeting tool you’ll never miss another mission briefing.
2. Headsets: Make sure you don’t miss your next assignment. Use quality headsets so your meetings have crystal clear audio.
3. Laptop: A reliable laptop with web and audio conferencing capabilities will help you relay important intel.
4. Smartphone: Keep connected with your team with a smartphone. Join online meetings, keep track of project progress and more.
5. Smartwatch: A Meeting Agent’s ultimate gadget to help you stay connected, engaged and organized.
6. Smart Calendar Apps: Use a smart calendar app on your smartphone or watch. Access both work and personal calendars and contacts in one place. Never miss another meeting with customizable notifications.
7. Note Taking Apps: Don’t miss a detail. Use note taking apps that sync to the cloud so the intel from your missions is always available.
Want some meeting gadgets of your own? Check out PGi’s online meeting tool,  iMeet®, free for 30 days and download Agenday®, available in iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Apps.

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