10 Sales Quotes to Light a Fire Under Your Team

10 Sales Quotes to Light a Fire Under Your Team

Sales has evolved, and it’s time to stop telling your team to “Always Be Closing.” If you want your team to close the digital buyer, it’s time you start telling them to “Always Be Connected” in the era of social sales.

Here are 10 more sales quotes to rally your troops to blaze the trail in social sales.

  1. Your customers are already online. They’re researching you just as much—if not more—than you’re researching them. They’re showing up at your door better educated and informed than ever before—and you need to be ready to meet, greet and connect at a new level. —Scott Tapp, EVP of Sales & Marketing, PGi
  2. We are now living in the age of the customer—where the customer is in control, not the seller. —Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist
  3. Selling has increasingly become about establishing relevance and delivering value. You want to reach out to the right person at the right time with the right valuable insights. —Alex Hisaka, Global Content Marketing Manager, LinkedIn
  4. To build a long-term, successful enterprise, when you don’t close a sale, open a relationship. —Patricia Fripp, Sales Trainer, Fripp & Associates
  5. Unlike any other channel before, social ultimately delivers on the promise of CRM as truly relationship-building technology rather than just a system of record. —Meg Bear, Group Vice President, Oracle Social Cloud
  6. Selling through social channels (social selling) is the closest thing to being a fly on the wall in your customer’s, prospect’s and competitor’s world. —Jim Keenan, CEO, Sales Guy Inc.
  7. can be risky to put out, especially when it’s emotionally charged and/or opinionated. The good news is that when people react emotionally to something, they’re more likely to remember it (and more likely to remember you). —Caitlin Roberson, VP West, Skyword
  8. Sales success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The beauty of a sales team is that you can learn together what works and what doesn’t. —Isaac Garcia, SVP & General Manager, Central Desktop
  9. Trust is not something we do in sales, it’s a place we get to that helps the buyer feel comfortable enough to do business with you. In short, trust is something that’s earned. —Amar Sheth & Jamie Shanks, Sales for Life
  10. Someone out there had to be the first salesperson to close a deal thanks to a Tweet. They saw an opportunity, one without precedent, and they grabbed it. Are you brave enough to do the same? —Jonathan Farrington, CEO, Top Sales World
The days of cold calls are long gone. There’s a revolution happening in sales right now, and you don’t want your team to get left behind.
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