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5 Links to Get Started With Social Sales

Ready to embrace social selling but not sure where to start? Leave traditional sales strategies behind for social sales with five of PGi’s top blog posts.

5 Blog Posts to Get Started With Social Sales

  1. Tweet Me, +1 Me, I Want to Buy! 6 Tips for Social Selling: Now that you’re following customers to their stomping grounds on social media, you need new ways to approach them. Follow these six tips to build authentic online relationships, not just drive sales, in the new social world.
  2. How to Write a Perfect Tweet | 5-Minute Webinar By BrandGlue: Worried your tweets won’t get noticed? Get expert advice from BrandGlue social media expert Michelle Heathers in this five-minute social selling webinar.
  3. 6 Tips to Shorten Your Social Sales Cycle: Every salesperson wants to shorten the sales cycle, but how do you do just that in the nonlinear world of social selling? Follow these six tips to see shorter social sales cycles.
  4. Social Sales: How to Get LinkedIn and Put a Face(book) to Your Name: Learn how to combine video conferencing tools with your social sales efforts for the perfect follow up, long-lasting relationships and access to more warm leads.
  5. 3 Ways to Get Social, Get Sticky and Get More Sales: You will only be as successful in social sales as the value you create in your content and conversations. Find out how to get social, get sticky and get more sales using social media and video.

Of course, transitioning to social sales requires much more than a lesson on tweeting or a new sales tool. Social sales requires a complete change of mindset, from cultivating a sales culture of teamwork to refocusing on connecting, not just closing.

PGi’s free, new eBook for sales professionals and executives helps you do just that. Download it today to Join the Social Sales Revolution.

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