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5 Reasons Your Webinar Presentation Is the Ugliest of Them All

On average, only 25 percent of attendees spend 20-30 minutes on webinars, 30 percent spend 30-60 minutes and only 11 percent spend over 60 minutes, according to the 2014 B2B Content Preferences Survey. What gives? Why isn’t everyone sticking around for your finale, your Q&A, your call to action?

One reason: slide fatigue. Your webinar presentation is simply too boring and too overwhelming to keep attendees’ attention. In other words, it’s ugly.

Ugly, dull, static presentation slides damage your brand, and when they contribute to high drop-off rates, they also hold back webinar leads from learning more, taking the next steps and continuing their buyer’s journey. Here are five reasons your webinar presentation is the ugliest of them all:

  1. You used bullet points. Instead of filling the slide with data and details, visualize data with charts and infographics and let the context come from you. Remember, you’re the star; the presentation is your backup.
  2. You didn’t include multimedia. Studies show our ability to recall content increases by 55 percent with pictures present. And the most important part of any webinar for 62 percent of attendees is video.
  3. You didn’t pay attention to color. The wrong colors make presentations unreadable and evoke the wrong emotions.
  4. You’re using the wrong font. Sans-serif fonts aren’t boring; they’re professional and easier to read. Use the creative fonts sparingly for impact only.
  5. You’re stuck in PowerPoint. It’s time to get out of the tired template and try other presentation apps to create dynamic, attention-grabbing presentations.
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