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Sales teams are always looking for a competitive edge. Whether it’s a new tool, tactic or process, the goal in sales is always to engage more prospects, close more deals more quickly and drive more revenue. And no tactic has captured the sales world’s attention quite like social sales, where sales professionals are using social solutions to create a more authentic presence, establish themselves as trusted advisers and nurture more engaging relationships with customers and prospects.

Last year we explored this changing nature of sales in “Evolution of Sales: The Survival Guide.” Featuring insights from industry experts including LinkedIn, HubSpot and Top Sales World, “Evolution of Sales” detailed the death of the cold call and the birth of the educated buyer that knows your company and products before you even contact them.

This new era of connectivity, education and social media requires a new generation of salespeople who are prepared to do more than simply push products. Rather, sales must learn how to intelligently leverage new tools like content, CRM and social listening, video and collaboration in order to create long-lasting, meaningful relationships with clients that drive value for both parties.

That’s why I’m proud to announce our latest eBook, a follow-up to “Evolution of Sales” where we dive deeper into the specific tactics and tools that modern sales needs in order to excel in the social selling era:

“Join the Social Sales Revolution.”

We’ve again partnered with leading experts from companies like LinkedIn, Oracle Social Cloud, Sales for Life, Skyword and Top Sales World to bring the best social selling practices to the forefront. Download the eBook for free today and you’ll learn:

  • How social selling continues to be more than just a buzzword, generating must-use tools for nurturing your personal and professional brand and identifying the right prospects.
  • About the love and hate of CRM and how to make the most of this mission-critical but often misused and misunderstood tool in the sales arsenal.
  • How to create content that stands above the crowd, breaking through the noise and positioning yourself as a thought leader and trusted advisor.
  • How sales has become collaborative, leaving the lone-wolf hunter mentality behind for a culture of teamwork and collaboration driving all the way to close.
  • How trust impacts the new era of sales and how to be just as authentic behind a screen as you were giving firm handshakes face-to-face.

At PGi we’re committed to equipping modern sales teams with the tools they need to excel, whether through industry expertise or the latest collaborative selling solutions that enable more agility and quicker closes. Download “Join the Social Sales Revolution” today and stake your claim on this new era of sales success.


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