Forresters Forum for Technology Leaders

Lead Your Customer-Centric Technology Agenda With Collaboration

This week’s Forrester’s Forum for Technology Leaders in Orlando covered hot topics like BI, security, agile development and infrastructure architecture, but the entire event centered around this key theme: how to lead a customer-obsessed technology agenda.

Both enterprise and line-of-business strategies hinge on the customer today, which means every department, not just marketing and customer service, now needs customer data. It is up to the technology team to deliver greater levels of knowledge sharing and centralization to ensure it is evenly distributed and easily accessed.

So the crux of every mission-critical business process, innovation and suggested course-correct is now getting the right people together to solve these complex business challenges. And to accomplish that, you need the right collaboration tools to help your IT organization operate more efficiently and enable every department to be more productive.

Find out how IT executives approach virtual collaboration in PGi’s upcoming webcast.

Register now for the webinar, Collaboration Trends & Challenges: The Enterprise IT Perspective, on Wednesday, May 6, at 2 p.m. EDT.

And for those of you that missed Forrester’s Forum for Technology Leaders, here are a few of our favorite tweets:

  • @forrester: 40% of firms report double-digit ROI on #BI investment w/in 2 years #FORRForum Read more
  • @GrapeshotRTB: A necessity, not a luxury in today’s breakneck pace @jgilbertogarcia: #FORRForum Business Agility
  • @matthewdurham: Yep, Randy is right. Customer engagement is about much more than mobile. @BizTech21 #FORRForum
  • @dougwashburn: Key takeaways from @ASocialFace the the #FORRForum so far: 1) More cowbell (= more customer demands), 2) No free puppies (= Open Source)
  • @dougwashburn: The top business priority: improve customer experience (76%), then grow revenues (73%)… both above cutting costs #FORRForum

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