Sales Life: Tools for Staying Organized on the Road

As a sales professional, you may be privy to the woes of constantly staying on the road to meet with new clients and prospects, networking at various conferences and being left with an additional to-do list in the wake of your crazy schedule. However, having the right organizational tools and calendar app can make all the difference.

From varying project timelines and follow-up meetings, some of your work may be urgent, while other tasks can wait. Take all of those conference calls and project deadlines and add in your personal life and appointments. Unless you’ve got superhuman powers, you’re bound to forget something. Not an ideal situation, especially for a sales professional.

If you’re used to working on the road, in hotel rooms, lobbies or coffee shops, then you’ve probably found a routine for keeping things on track. But if you’re new to the road warrior role, or you’re looking for better ways to stay organized in both your personal and professional life, we’ve got a few apps to keep you connected that may be better than traditional methods like Post-it® notes and hand written-agendas.

Smart Calendar App: If you’re not already using a smart calendar app, download one immediately! Seriously, go do it. Smart calendar apps are one-stop-shops that aggregate all your calendars, both work and personal so you never miss another meeting, conference, birthday, anniversary or soccer game.

Agenday®, PGi’s smart calendar app, not only aggregates your calendars, but also integrates your contacts and location into one simple interface. No more switching between apps, or shuffling through agendas or Rolodexes if you’re still keeping it old school. It also has in-app calling and email capabilities, so if you’re on your way to meet with a prospect across town and get stuck in traffic, the app allows you to contact the person you’re meeting with or even join the meeting so you’re never caught off guard.

Evernote: This app is an essential for a sales personal who’s on the road. From taking notes at conferences to photos of whiteboards from meetings, Evernote allows you to capture important information on your phone and sync it to all your devices, both mobile and desktop. The app also allows you to keep track of projects and work collaboratively with your peers online. You can work together seamlessly, creating a virtual office while you’re on the road.

Evernote also works for your personal life. Keep your personal tasks or goals on track by creating a task list, jotting down gift ideas, creating grocery lists, attaching photos and sharing files with family members. You can even use Evernote’s web clipper to save articles and fun links you want to access later—like on that taxi ride to the airport from your conference.

Online Meeting Tools: The beauty of technology is that it enables sales professionals to operate from anywhere. Harnessing the benefits of all-in-one online meeting tools like PGi’s iMeet® that combine audio, video and web conferencing, can make project management and meetings possible from anywhere. Stay up to date with projects through screen sharing, make those follow-up calls with clients from your car or video conference with prospects to nurture deeper relationships.

Being on the road doesn’t have to be stressful thanks to these collaboration tools and calendar apps, all accessible on your mobile device or desktop. Looking for more best practices on today’s technology-driven sales? Download PGi’s new free eBook Join the Social Sales Revolution: Your Guide to the New Way to Sell.

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