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What Most Sales Leaders Aren’t Doing to Drive Social Selling

The social selling revolution is paramount to staying competitive when it comes to engaging today’s buyers, but let’s face it, change doesn’t come easy.

So what does a sales leader say about implementing social selling across the organization? That’s what Amar Sheth, Principal at Sales for Life, set out to discover in a recent interview with Mario Martinez Jr., Regional Vice President of Sales at PGi.

Martinez is an avid social seller himself, ranking 99 out of 100 on LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI) based on his active and comprehensive utilization of LinkedIn as a social selling tool. And according to Martinez, it is sales leaders who should be leading the charge on the social selling revolution.

Leading Social Selling by Example

First, sales leaders must change their mindsets about what their role is in bringing new sales trends and strategies to teams.

Too often, leadership leaves it to the top sales stars to share new opportunities like social selling. But leaders need to look out for new opportunities, too, says Martinez. After all, they set the tone for everyone by creating those first footsteps to follow.

What senior sales leaders should be doing, but aren’t, is finding “something that has teeth”: a sales trend that’s more than a fad and shows real potential to kill your quotas. Don’t leave it to those on the frontline. Remember, you’re part of the team, too.

Sales Teams See, Sales Teams Do

How can you alone create an impact of such magnitude? How do you change outdated mentalities within existing traditional sales processes?

The easiest way to show your sales reps you’re serious about instituting social sales is to set the example, says Martinez.

“You cannot, in my opinion, develop a social selling program or culture, or even begin on the process of social selling, if you as a sales leader yourself are not engaged with social selling. It just will not work because people follow people, and they’re going to follow exactly what you’re doing, or not doing.”

For example, Martinez says he and fellow leaders at PGi boast some of the most viewed social profiles among the entire organization worldwide. As a result, more employees on the sales team are following suit, ramping up their own social profiles that result in higher rankings.

Martinez’s team also takes the time to discuss social selling ideas together and ask questions about online content engagement. And it’s not only senior sales leaders but also CEOs and presidents that can serve as shining examples of social sales in motion.

As PGi’s newest sales eBook proves, social selling is much more than a buzzword, but in order for it to really make an impact, entire organizations and sales cultures must transform to support a new sales movement of transparency and openness.

In fact, Sheth wrote the chapter on how to rally the troops to start earning trust online and focusing on education, not sales pitches. Download Join the Social Sales Revolution today to learn how to lead the charge on social selling within your own sales team.

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