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10 Rules of Social Sales

Blazing a trail, forging a new path and breaking ground on new ways to sell on social media all sounds very exciting, but don’t you wish you had some wisdom and guidelines to help you take the first steps?

Now you do. Here’s what the speakers of PGi’s recent webinar, Join the Sales Revolution!, said are the new rules of social sales:

Here are 10 rules for social sales from industry leaders and authors of PGi’s eBook, “Join the Social Sales Revolution.”
  1. Start with a social selling culture. Every leader and salesperson needs a social presence and social tools.
  2. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Focus where your target market will be: LinkedIn for B2B, Twitter for B2C.
  3. Embed social into lead qualification. Develop richer profiles and warmer leads researching prospects on social media.
  4. Research entire companies, not just individuals. Understand prospects’ entire business landscape using a multi-selling approach.
  5. Never pitch. Start storytelling. Decision-makers ignore pitches. Gain their empathy by sharing stories.
  6. You’re here to add value, not make friends. Add value at every step with videos and marketing resources.
  7. Develop your own voice. Marketing helps create and track meaningful content, but you need a voice, too.
  8. Gain credibility fast by blogging. Social, fresh and relevant blogs build authority very quickly.
  9. Measure everything. Have a strategy, not just good content, to get it seen by the right people.
  10. Attract, engage and repeat. Continue nurturing existing customers and their online communities.

Find out what else these industry leaders revealed in PGi’s webinar, Join the Sales Revolution!, hosted by Scott Tapp, EVP of Sales & Marketing at PGi, and featuring Caitlin Roberson, VP West at Skyword; Carlos Gil, Senior Social Marketing Manager at LinkedIn Sales Solutions; Isaac Garcia, SVP & GM of Central Desktop and Meg Bear, Group Vice President at Oracle Social Cloud.

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