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5 Most Annoying Online Meeting Personalities

Whether you’re clicking to join or filing into a conference room, every meeting’s got collabohaters. They chomp up precious meeting time, disrupt your agenda and make it extremely hard for you to accomplish anything.

Here’s a quick guide to identify some of the most annoying personalities taking over your online meetings:

1. The Vader Breather: The noisiest people during online meetings always seem to be the least likely to know it. Heavy breathing, throat clearing, noisy eating or even barking in the background—left unchecked, these little noises become big distractions from your meeting agenda.

2. The Conversation Mutineer: They love to interrupt other attendees, go off on tangents and take up your time to meet with long answers. Instead of brainstorming solutions, you know a lot about their opinions on the issue and where they’re going on vacation.

3. The Talking Photo: When everyone else is using their webcams, this person still has a static photo, making it hard to connect and better understand what they’re saying through body language or even stay engaged when they speak.

4. The “Jerry Gergich”: Anything that can go wrong will—they can’t log in, their screen will freeze when they try to share it, their connection will drop, etc. Arriving late and constantly putting you on hold while they figure things out, you’re always stuck in limbo when this person’s part of your online meetings.

5. The Phantom of the Meeting: You may see their name and picture, but they’re not really “there.” When you ask them for input during online meetings, they’re actually emailing, working, putting you on mute to take other calls or stepping away to grab coffee.


What if there were a magical button that could turn all of your most annoying online meeting personalities into more productive meeting participants? What if you could:

  • Mute a single line or, even better, all guest lines in one click?
  • Have a way for guests to virtually raise their hands in meetings instead of talking over each other?
  • Make it easy for attendees to turn on their webcam in a more comfortable, personalized virtual environment?
  • Get in-meeting support at any time to solve all of your not-so-tech-savvy guests’ dilemmas?
  • Keep serious multitaskers paying attention during presentations with live chat, social media apps and visual content?

You can have better meetings. With iMeet® by PGi, you’ll get all of this and more, and your online meetings will never be the same.

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