2015 Call Center Week Excellence Awards

Call Center Week Recognizes PGi Customer Care

PGi is a proud winner of Call Center Week’s Excellence Award.

The world-class customer care that helps make PGi’s collaboration solutions the best in the industry recently earned another acknowledgement for implementing industry best practices. Yesterday, PGi beat out three other finalists for the Excellence Award for Best Contact Center Culture at the 2015 Call Center Week Excellence Awards in Las Vegas.

The award recognizes PGi’s innovative initiatives to make customer care a priority and a success, like:

  • Selecting only the best employees that represent PGi’s core values;
  • Awarding customer care associates with opportunities to learn about creating a culture of service excellence at the Disney Institute of Quality;
  • Driving brand advocacy with the “Starbucks Program,” which empowers customer care associates to connect with customers in a unique and personalized way;
  • And elevating the PGi care culture through the Culture Book initiative.

The creative strategy behind PGi’s customer care and contact center culture emboldens employees to better understand customers’ needs, connect on more personal levels and build better customer loyalty. It’s also a critical component behind PGi’s overarching vision and mission of helping businesses grow faster and operate more efficiently through better collaboration.

Communications Manager Trisha Zimmerman and EVP of Global Customer Care Michele Dobnikar accept PGi’s award for Best Contact Center Culture.

PGi is a proud winner and congratulates each of the hard-working PGi customer care associates that contributed to this achievement and to shaping a winning customer care culture.

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