Gartner Digital Workplace Summit Recap

Gartner’s Digital Workplace Summit, hosted May 18-20 in Orlando, covered topics like improving employee engagement, increasing agility and empowering high-impact performers. A key element to this summit, however, was understanding the rapidly shifting workplace and creating a strategy to guide the transition from a traditional workplace to a digital workplace.

According to the event, some of the key pillars of this transition include:

  • Creating a compelling vision of the how, what and why of the digital workplace;
  • Generating a roadmap to set clear priorities;
  • Fostering employee engagement and encouraging a culture of autonomy, accountability and empowerment;
  • Creating a fresh approach to business processes and removing activities that hinder development;
  • And using mobile, social, cloud and information to enhance abilities and efficiencies of the workforce.

One intriguing session was led by Ray Valdes, Research VP at Gartner who spoke about enterprise apps. The focus of Valdes’s seminar centered on the idea that enterprises are shifting to an app-based culture, but admittedly lagging behind the consumer space. Instead of being a web-centric business, enterprises are focusing heavily on becoming app-centric. This shift in the workplace aims to deliver more value in a few areas for businesses:

  • Data access: Big data-driven decision making on the frontline delivers improved customer response.
  • Process improvements: Apps improve field service because of the ability to work whenever, wherever.
  • Enhanced productivity: Apps with single-interface design increase productivity in the field, furthering value and creating opportunity for new business.

In order to deliver these values, Valdes stated there was a need for enterprise apps to have a user-centric design, be secure and be manageable by IT leaders within the organization using the app.

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