Nine Stats About Global Shifts in Telework Trends

Thanks to continuing trends in technology, businesses are adapting their practices to support the idea of remote work, flex work and telework. Whether it’s to achieve a better work/life balance, to skip a hectic commute or to spend more time with family, knowledge workers all over the world are increasingly wanting the ability to telecommute at least part time.

Earlier this year, PGi polled nearly 3,000 knowledge workers from all over the globe to gather insights on the changing nature of telework. From this survey, we’ve picked the nine must-know stats about technologies, perceptions and changing attitudes around telework:

  1.  60% of part-time teleworkers worldwide would resign from their current position to take a similar job with the same pay if it meant they could work from home full time.
  2.  79% of knowledge workers work outside of their office at lease one day a week.
  3. Of those working remote, 50% want to commute more, with an ideal frequency of 2-3 days per week.
  4. The top five company issued-technologies include: laptops, email, VPN, UC&C software and intranet.
  5. 50% of teleworkers reported daily commutes of 45 mins to an hour.
  6. 21% of non-teleworkers reported commutes of 60 minutes or longer.
  7. Some of the top benefits of telecommuting include a eliminating commutes, a better work/life balance and better productivity.
  8. Respondents noted  some of the negatives aspects of telecommuting were alienation, poor communication, distractions and technology struggles.
  9. 66% of non-teleworkers said attitudes toward telework were becoming more positive in their organizations.

Want to learn more about PGi’s Global Telework Survey? Check out the full results here.

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