iMeet Agenday for Enterprise

Putting iMeet Agenday to Work: Announcing iMeet Agenday for Enterprise

When we first released iMeet Agenday, our award-winning smart calendar app, we knew we had something special on our hands. It was an immediate hit internally at PGi, and since its release tens of thousands of individuals have turned to Agenday to manage their multiple hectic calendars, join their meetings with a single touch and stay productive while on the go.

However, we came to realize that the features of iMeet Agenday could also benefit entire organizations, allowing companies to outfit their workforces with a mobile app that not only made them more productive but could also streamline processes and cut costs.

That’s why I’m proud today to announce iMeet Agenday for Enterprise, a new package of features that can be deployed across an entire organization to help companies save mobile conferencing costs, improve workforce productivity, deliver company-wide announcements and more.

Now with the new iMeet Agenday package for enterprises, companies everywhere can leverage the powerful features in iMeet Agenday to boost workforce productivity and solve three unique business needs:

  • Save Money on Mobile Calls: iMeet Agenday helps save cost on roaming and international mobile calls by automatically dialing into meetings using the most cost-effective number.
  • Send Company-wide Announcements: Use the top banner of iMeet Agenday as an additional touch point to broadcast vital company information to remote and mobile workers.
  • Manage Your Service: Access a web-based dashboard to manage users and create custom banner content.

We’d like to thank all of our loyal iMeet Agenday users and we look forward to sharing Agenday’s intuitive, productivity-empowering experience with an entirely new audience with the latest release for enterprises.

For more information on iMeet Agenday, including news, support and tip videos, visit today.


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