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3 Critical Things You Need to Succeed in Social Sales

The cold call is dead, content now has a significant impact on buying decisions and video fosters trust in the sales cycle. This is the new era of social sales.

However, despite the tremendous value of thought leadership and online buyer education, social sales isn’t simply a matter of creating a Twitter profile and posting updates to LinkedIn. To ensure your social sales efforts really return value to your organization, you need three critical things:

  1. Your entire team on board. Your sales team, your sales leaders and even your company’s executives must be on board if you want to thrive in social sales.
  2. A detailed strategy. What social watering holes will you find your prospects at? How will you approach prospects in this new environment? How much time will you spend on social selling?
  3. Something to say. Before you dive in to social selling, you need to know what you’ll say to get attention from the right audience and who will be responsible for creating consistent messaging.

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