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Webinar: Join the Sales Revolution!

Register now for PGi’s “Join the Sales Revolution!” webcast on Wednesday, June 10, at 1 p.m. EDT.

Social sales, CRM, thought leadership, collaboration: these are more than just buzzwords for today’s sales professionals. They’re all part of the social sales revolution.

PGi’s brand new eBook on social selling, “Join the Social Sales Revolution: Your Guide to the New Way to Sell,” shows sellers how to effectively navigate this new sales landscape, and now, you have the opportunity to join the webcast and hear firsthand from the eBook’s contributing authors and industry leaders in social sales.

  • Keynote speaker, change agent and Group Vice President Meg Bear of Oracle Social Cloud will show you how to take advantage of CRM, one of the most misused and misunderstood tools in sales.
  • Social media thought leader and Senior Social Marketing Manager Carlos Gil of LinkedIn Sales Solutions will show you why navigating the social media landscape is now mission-critical in sales.
  • Keynote speaker, business coach, sales thought leader and Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Farrington of Top Sales World will inspire you to use technology in smarter, faster, more effective new ways to blaze the trail in social sales.
  • Storyteller, content marketer and VP West Caitlin Roberson of Skyword will reveal the “why” and “how” of creating thought leadership for sales professionals.
  • Sales and marketing leader and Principal Amar Sheth of Sales for Life will help you rally your team to innovate online buyer education with video to make content more engaging, earn trust online and drive higher conversions.
  • And EVP of Sales & Marketing Scott Tapp of PGi will teach you how to change your mindset to start the social sales revolution right in your organization.

Cold calls are dead. Get your spot in PGi’s June 10 social sales webinar now to learn how to work smarter and sell faster in the new world order.

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