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The Best Way to Collaborate for Sales and Marketing Alignment

We believe that better collaboration leads to better results at PGi. So during PGi’s recent sales and marketing alignment webinar, I asked the audience, “What is the primary means for collaborating between your sales and marketing organization?”

About 59 percent of webinar attendees said their sales and marketing teams relied on web conferencing, audio conferencing or video conferencing to collaborate. Roughly 28 percent meet in person, while about 14 percent said their teams rarely met at all.

From this poll, I received a follow-up question: What do you recommend is the best collaboration method for building alignment?

Here’s my best advice for choosing a collaboration strategy for sales and marketing alignment.

The Best Collaboration Method Depends on Who You’re Meeting

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all collaboration method for every sales and marketing team. Every business has different challenges and priorities, every team has different configurations and communication styles and each sales rep or marketer has different workstyles and preferences.

The best collaboration method to align your sales and marketing team is the one that gets all of those competing personalities and schedules together in the most convenient and effective way. As our CEO Boland Jones says, people are the heart of collaboration, which means both teams’ needs should be carefully considered.

It takes a combination of methods to optimize alignment. At PGi, we leverage a variety of collaboration methods and tools to stay abreast of sales news and lead opportunities and to keep our sales and marketing organizations tightly aligned across regional boundaries.

Every week, my team joins sales calls—regional, leadership, all-hands—to stay connected using PGi’s industry-leading portfolio of collaboration solutions, but we also don’t overlook the value of an old-fashioned email. My marketing team emails sales reps directly with lead notifications, social content and talking points, and as a group, we send biweekly newsletters that our sales organization looks forward to for tips and tricks on social selling, company content, competitor news and more.

Every Sales Rep and Marketer Want the Same Thing: Fast and Easy

I do, however, believe in making your collaboration strategy as easy as possible: organization-wide CRM and marketing automation adoption and training, one-stop shop portals for sales enablement resources and all-in-one tools like iMeet® that not only make it faster and easier to collaborate but also more personal.

No one wants to take time away from generating and nurturing leads to find separate web, audio and video conferencing tools when it’s time to meet—especially when my marketing team is on the road at trade shows and my sales team is in the field. So iMeet enables us to host any type of meeting all in one tool, saving us a little more time each day to get more done.

We have field offices across the country, as well as sales reps working from home and on the road, so making sure everyone feels included and knows what’s coming up next in terms of product launches, sales incentives and new messaging is a priority at PGi. To create a sense of community when everyone cannot meet in person, we record iMeet meetings for those who are unable to join, and we also use iMeetLive™ to broadcast our sales kickoff meetings.

Watch the entire on-demand webinar now to find out what else I and Jason Hekl, Vice President and Group Director at SiriusDecisions, revealed about sales and marketing alignment: Watch the replay of Ask the Experts with SiriusDecisions: 4 Pillars of Building Sales & Marketing Alignment.

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