4 Things We Can Learn about Social Selling from Shark Week

In case you’ve lived under a rock for the last 25 years, Shark Week is a week-long event hosted by Discovery Channel that features all things shark. From riveting research to shark attack survivor stories, the program has a cult following that gets just about everyone pumped about the aquatic species.

If you’ve ever watched any part of the week-long event, then you’ve probably picked up on some of the characteristics and behaviors of sharks. Some of these characteristics, oddly enough, can teach us a lot about social selling! Don’t believe us? Well, put down the remote and put away the popcorn, because it’s time to check out the four things you can learn about social selling from Shark Week:

  1. BE CURIOUS: Sharks are naturally curious creatures, always researching their next opportunity. Use social media platforms to research your targets and discover what your competition is doing.
  2. USE ACUTE SENSES: Sharks have extremely acute senses. Use your social senses to pay attention to what your market is looking for. Try searching trending topics on Twitter or posts from industry leaders on LinkedIn.
  3. GO FOR IT: A shark attacks when the moment is right; usually after tracking prey for extended amounts of time. Make sure you’ve used social media to make a more personal connection before you jump into your sales pitch. But when you’re ready, go for it!
  4. ADAPT WHEN NEEDED: Sharks are very good at adapting to new environments. If you’re not finding the right opportunities on certain social media platforms, adapt to stay successful. Try different social media networks and find which “environment” is most successful for you.

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