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Team spirit’s down, good ideas seem to have dried up and your meetings have become 15 minutes of fame for conversation hijackers. If that sounds like the state of your business collaboration, you may have some collabohaters on your hands.

Here are the big ones and how to identify them before they eat up anymore work time:

  1. The Saboteur: Look for signs of credit stealing, gossip and grudges.
  2. The Clown: Look for signs of crossing boundaries, spotlight hogging and meeting disruption.
  3. The Diva: Look for signs of drama overload, self-absorption and lack of empathy.
  4. The Know-It-All: Look for signs of bullying, conversation hijacking and bulldozing opinions.
  5. The Bridge Troll: Look for signs of collaboration roadblocks, overprotective attitudes towards siloes and territorial behavior.
  6. The Prophet of Doom: Look for signs of chronic pessimism, nonconstructive skepticism and brainstorming drag.
  7. The Doormat: Look for signs of saying yes to everything, pushover behavior and avoiding confrontation.
  8. The Sloppy Joe: Look for signs of ineffective corner-cutting, disregard for details and subpar work quality.
  9. The Half-Baker: Look for signs of half-baked ideas, tiresome tangents and hypothetical questions.

To learn more about the nine types of collabohaters and the best ways to overcome their weaknesses and harness their strengths, download your free eBook from Central Desktop by PGi, “The 9 Types of Collabohaters (and how to turn them into collaborators).”

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