iMeet Agenday: Now on Apple Watch

iMeet Agenday: Now on Apple Watch

It’s been a big year for iMeet Agenday, our smart calendar app that aggregates all of your personal and professional events and offers one-touch access into any conference call. In 2015 so far, iMeet Agenday has:

The PGi Innovation lab, creators of iMeet Agenday, are not ones to rest on their laurels. In spite of all they’ve already accomplished in 2015, I’m proud to unveil their latest addition: iMeet Agenday for Apple Watch, now available on iTunes.

The innovative iMeet Agenday smartwatch integration helps busy workers better manage their days with three unique features for Apple Watch:

  1. Daily Agenda: Simply tap the iMeet Agenday icon on your watch to view your agenda for the day. Swipe up to view today’s meetings, and swipe left or right to see yesterday’s calendar and tomorrow’s agenda. Tap on any event to learn more about your upcoming meeting, including the location, organizer, invitees and meeting notes.
  2. Glances: Using the Glance feature, iMeet Agenday shows you a countdown to your next scheduled event, so you’ll never be late to another meeting. If you are finished for the day, the app shows you a preview of tomorrow’s first meeting. Heading into the weekend? iMeet Agenday displays the local weather to help you decide on the beach or a day indoors.
  3. Notifications: iMeet Agenday sends you automatic, customizable notifications for upcoming meetings and events. Any notifications you normally receive on your smartphone will also appear on your Apple Watch.

You can check out the features of iMeet Agenday’s Apple Watch in action version below:

If you’re already using iMeet Agenday on your iPhone, the app will automatically update with the Apple Watch integration.

If you haven’t tried iMeet Agenday, visit to learn more and download it today! Or click below to download directly from iTunes.


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