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The relationship between the CIO and CMO can be a contentious one at times. CMOs don’t think the IT department moves fast enough or understands their team’s unique needs. And CIOs worry that marketing often circumvents them when making promises to the business and to customers.

However, with marketing technology becoming increasingly vital and complex, it can’t be CIO vs. CMO; working together will be critical to define success, helping organizations turn that corner from good to great.

Join our webinar on July 29th at 2 pm ET for a panel discussion to hear valuable insight and best practices from leading IT and Marketing executives.  The discussion, moderated by PGi’s Mario Martinez, will feature industry experts from both the Marketing and IT sides of the table, and will cover topics including:

  • Differences between IT and Marketing styles, processes and procedures
  • Challenges and successes of working together
  • Best practices and insights for better collaboration

The CIO’s experience in managing these complex systems, combined with the CMO’s expertise in buyer behavior, will be a key relationship that will define business success.

Don’t miss out on insights on navigating this mission-critical business relationship. Register for the webinar today for insights from our esteemed panel:

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