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Why Your Business Needs Remote Workers

Telecommuting is a phrase that’s been around for quite some time, but until recently, the idea hasn’t been a mainstream business practice. In PGi’s recent Global Telework Survey, it was found that more than ever before, companies are embracing flexible working, with 66 percent of respondents saying telecommuting is more positively viewed in their organization.

With remote work programs gaining more positive attention, it’s important for businesses to understand just how important remote workers really are. Find out how companies can reap huge benefits from having more remote workers on their force.

Ten Reasons Every Business Need Remote Workers:
  1. Saves Money on Real Estate & Utilities
  2. Decreases Carbon Footprint
  3. Employees are more Engaged
  4. Healthier Lifestyles
  5. Happier Employees
  6. More Productive Employees
  7. More Creative Cycles
  8. High Retention Rates
  9. Hire from a Bigger Talent Pool
  10. Less Absences

Want to learn more about teleworking trends and perspectives globally? Check out PGi’s Global Telework Survey or download our free eBook, The Yin and Yang of Telecommuting.


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