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10 Commandments of Virtual Teams

Virtual teams are becoming a norm for modern businesses. According to PGi’s 2015 Global Telework Survey, 79% of knowledge workers reported working outside the office. With more teams working remote, it’s important to remember a few commandments to keep teams working successfully. Check out PGi’s 10 commandments for virtual teams:

1. Thou Shalt Communicate
When it comes to virtual teams, communication is crucial. Keeping in touch with the entire team on a regular basis will solidify the bond between each position and assure better teamwork.
2. Thou Shalt Get Dressed
Transition yourself into work mode by getting up and getting dressed each day. Showering and getting dressed will keep you from sitting on the couch binge watching Netflix instead of actually getting work done.
3. Thou Shalt Use the Right Tools
Using email, instant messenger and the phone are great ways to communicate, but an online meeting tool with video and audio capabilities is even better for building personal relationships.
4. Thou Shalt Not Be a Missing Person
Never being available for meetings with your team can cause a huge gap in communication about business goals and plans. Don’t become the face on the milk carton.
5. Thou Shalt Set Office Times
Working remote can actually lead people to overworking. Make sure you set specific office hours for yourself so you aren’t constantly logged on and checking email throughout the night.
6. Thou Shalt Collaborate
Being remote doesn’t mean you can get away with not collaborating. As with any other team, you and your coworkers should make a conscious effort to collaborate as much as possible.
7. Thou Shalt Use Thy Webcam
Remember when we talked about the importance of getting dressed? Virtual teams should use their webcams for meetings. Video conferencing creates a more personal feel than traditional audio-only meetings.
8. Thou Shalt Set Goals
When working in a virtual team it’s inherently important to create a set of goals and objectives to measure everyone’s success. Because the team isn’t in-office, these goals help managers keep employees accountable for their work.
9. Thou Shalt Meet in Person
It’s far too easy to work remote and forget about having actual relationships with your coworkers. Make an effort to meet with your entire team, even if it’s just for coffee or dinner. Sync up once a month in-person if your budget allows.
10. Thou Shalt Build Trust
Team building is important, especially for virtual teams. Make a conscious effort to host team building activities with your virtual team to build trust.
Want to learn more about virtual teams and team building?  Check out PGi’s free eBook, Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, and check out more about teamwork on blog. Add your virtual team commandments below!

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