Worst Times to Meet

5 Reasons You’re Meeting at the Worst Time

Between workers on the go and virtual teams miles apart, finding time to meet is harder than ever. Here are five reasons your in-office and online meetings have the worst timing.

  1. You’re meeting at the beginning or end of the day. 9 a.m. meetings are just asking for latecomers, and at 4 p.m. workers are tired and more likely to leave early.
  2. You’re meeting before or after the weekend. Mondays and Fridays are common days workers vacation or work from home (or are distracted by weekend plans).
  3. You’re meeting when everyone’s hungry. Even 11 a.m. meetings can run into lunchtime, so plan more time around the hour of growling stomachs.
  4. You’re meeting during the afternoon slump. Afternoon slumps start around 2 p.m. Give workers more time to get their second burst of energy.
  5. You’re meeting to brainstorm in the afternoon. Studies show creative thinking peaks earlier in the day, so consider the type of meeting you’re having, too.

But, before you schedule every meeting for 3 p.m. on a Tuesday, remember all workers have unique personalities, preferences and concerns. To find the best time to meet, send a free/busy poll every time with iMeet® Agenday.

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