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8 Levels of Awkwardness on Disastrous Conference Calls

Once again, your conference call starts late, runs long and is full of pauses and disruptions, but maybe no one noticed, right? Wrong! Behind the scenes, your meeting participants are wincing, yawning, multitasking and boiling with anger.

Drink a cold glass of reality and see the faces behind your disastrous conference calls. Here are eight levels of awkwardness on conference calls and reasons they’re going oh so wrong:

1. Awkward Small Talk: Unless this is a team building meeting, no one wants to talk about the weather or hear your weekend plans. Cut out the lengthy login process, and upgrade to better technology that helps everyone arrive and start on time.


2. Embarrassing Background Noise: Yes, everyone hears you typing, Steve talking to his coworker and Suzy in the airport. Take back control of your conference calls with features that allow you to mute everyone at once or individually.


3. Hit-or-Miss Humor: You know how it’s hard to get some of those jokes you’re listening to on Spotify without visual context? Yeah, it’s kind of like that. No one thinks you’re funny, inspiring or motivational without the context of body language on video.


4. Inconvenient Redialing: Miss having a regular telephone line as VoIP connections drop like flies? You will as you wait on callers to reconnect mid-conversation. Invest in hybrid audio conferencing so you have better reliability and mobility.


5. Robot Voices: Choppy audio makes it impossible in some situations to understand what someone’s saying at all, let alone focus on the conversation. Crystal-clear audio corrects these cumbersome distractions.


6. Clunky Conversations: You go! No, me? OK, wait, I’ll go, then you go. By the time you straighten out who’s talking and who’s pausing, you’ll probably forget what you were discussing in the first place. That’s the magic of having integrated chat or a visual audio display. These features clue you in to who’s ready to ask a question or answer one with visual cues.


7. Confused and Clueless Guests: It becomes painfully obvious that your meeting participants are preoccupied with other tasks when you call on them for feedback, and they have no idea what you’re talking about. That’s what happens when you don’t use tactics to retain attention like providing an agenda or presentation.


8. Missing Persons: You call on someone who’s either on mute or never returns from getting up from the phone. Without chat or file share features for engagement, you’ll lose ‘em!


Unfortunately, most audio conferencing solutions are missing something to help you out in your awkward times of need. Some restrict you to connecting via VoIP, some limit your muting capabilities and some just don’t have a great audio network at their foundation.

Unlike the others, all-in-one iMeet audio, web and video conferencing arms you with everything you need to guard against awkwardness and rescue unproductive meetings. Integrated web conferencing features provide you with a sure-fire strategy to entertain and capture attention, and integrated video lets everyone see each other so your Michael Scott impressions never fall flat.

Save yourself from awkward moments. Give iMeet a try today for free.

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