Master Back-to-School with These Productivity Apps

Today, thousands of children head back to school, and that means added strain on working parents. From remembering bus schedules and parent-teacher conferences to soccer practice and after school activities, keeping your children on schedule while maintaining your own schedule can be stressful.

Staying productive and organized can be made a little easier with a few productivity apps. To ease you into the school year, here are some great smartphone apps to help you master the back-to-school rush:

Cozi: This free app and website is geared toward families that are always on the go. Cozi keeps track of everyone’s schedules, activities and appointments all in one place. The app features a family calendar that is color-coded based on individual profiles so no one misses a practice or important meeting. Parents can also create shared to-do lists or chore lists for the family, and reminders to complete those tasks. The app also features shared grocery lists that the whole family can access at any time from any device.

Finally, the app also has a family journal that is designed for busy parents. Users can add photos to the journal for everyone to see. Not only does this app help stay organized and productive, but it’s also geared to making sure families work together and never miss another appointment, or memorable moment.

Evernote: This cloud-based app is one that is essential for note takers and list makers. But instead of writing things down and trying to keep track of where you put them, you can organize all of your notes and task lists into one place.

Evernote gives you the tools you need to effortlessly stay organized. Prioritize your week with the task list feature, and check off tasks when you’ve completed them. Great not only for work projects, but for remembering that school bake sale you have to make 100 cupcakes for next week.

Another great unique feature Evernote offers is the ability to clip articles and information from anywhere on the web. See something interesting that can help take your child’s science fair project to the next level? Clip the article and save it for later.

The best part of Evernote? The app instantly syncs across any computer or smartphone you use. You can access your task lists, clipped articles and notes from any device at any time, keeping everything you need accessible at any time.

Agenday®: This free smart calendar app isn’t just for business. While its main focus is keeping your meetings and calendar organized, Agenday also works as a personal assistant of sorts. By integrating all of your calendars, both work and personal, you’ll always have access to whatever appointments or meetings you have coming up.

The app will remind you each morning what you have planned for the day so you never miss a beat. If you’re a business person who is always on the go with your kids, iMeet Agenday can help make your work life a little more flexible as you can take your meetings on the go, right through the app.

Running late to a meeting because you have to drop off a project your child forgot at home? In the app you can let attendees know if you’ll be late or you have to reschedule. The app seamlessly syncs any changes to your calendar from any device. Agenday helps you stay in control of your day, no matter what it throws at you.

Staying organized and productive while juggling your work schedule and your kid’s schedules isn’t easy. But by using some of the apps listed above, you can make going back to school a little easier on you and your children.

Have you tried any of these apps? Comment below and let us know which one is your favorite.

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