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Murphy’s Law of Working from Home

Remember the old adage that states “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”, also known as Murphy’s Law? Well, that epigram holds very true for those of us who are remote workers. From Wi-Fi outages to the inevitable snack attack, something is bound to go wrong when working from home.

As providers of software powering the WFH revolution, we feel your pain, and affectionately refer to these inevitable mishaps as “Murphy’s Laws of Working from Home.”

Check out some of the examples of Murphy’s Laws of WFH. We know you’ll relate:

1. Your Wi-Fi WILL short out.
For no discernible reason your Wi-Fi will malfunction, especially if you’re working from home to focus on a major project.

2. You WILL suffer multiple snack attacks.
It is inevitable that you will be hungry every 15 minutes, and guess what? You’ve got a pantry full of snacks! There’s always a silver lining, right?

3. There WILL be some source of obnoxious noise.
Whether it’s construction, your upstairs neighbor jumping rope, leaf blowers or yapping dogs, you will have to suffer through some sort of constant obnoxious noise, but only when you’re trying to have an important online meeting.

4. It WILL be “free lunch day” at your office.
Just when you thought you had it made in the shade, you get an email saying there’s free lunch catered in the breakroom. Never fails.

5. You WILL leave your laptop charger at the office.
It’s almost noon, and you’ve been powering through your work, when all of a sudden you receive a low battery notification from your laptop. As you reach into your laptop bag for your charger, you realize it’s not there. Classic Murphy’s Law of WFH.

6. Your email WILL malfunction.
WFH means you’ll be sending a lot of email. But since you’re working from home, your email password will inevitably expire right before you have a major project due.

7. The delivery man WILL interrupt your conference call.
Just when you join your online meeting with your team to review this quarter’s sales, the doorbell rings over and over. You’ll have to excuse yourself from the meeting and answer the door, and now you’re being that person you hate in a meeting. Awkwaaaard.

8. Your kids WILL become a distraction.
You’ve decided to work from home to avoid those random interruptions so you can get your project done, so all should be quiet on the Western front, right? Nope! The moment your webcam goes on you hear, “MOOOOOM” or “DAAAAAAD” from the next room. Stay calm, I’m sure your team will understand.

What did we miss? Let us know your Murphy’s Law of WFH below!

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