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Sales & Marketing Alignment: Best Practices for Dispersed Teams

During our recent webinar, Ask the Experts with SiriusDecisions: 4 Pillars of Building Sales & Marketing Alignment, my cohost Jason Hekl, Vice President and Group Director at SiriusDecisions, explained how to build alignment with shared definitions and processes. As he said, though, none of this works without very tight communication. For sales and marketing teams that are dispersed, establishing and sustaining ongoing feedback poses a bigger challenge to alignment.

Today, I’ll tell you how my marketing team at PGi stays plugged into our field sales offices in response to this viewer question:

Do you have any recommendations for sales and marketing teams that are spread across many offices across the country?

If you’ve been following along with my answers to viewer questions, then you know the best way to collaborate for sales and marketing alignment will vary depending on the communication style and preferences of who you’re meeting. In the case of dispersed teams, I believe utilizing multiple tools is the best way to accommodate the huge variety of communication styles, work schedules and time zones across your field offices.

Here’s how my PGi marketing team uses a powerful combination of online collaboration software to stay connected with our sales colleagues to build that mission-critical alignment:

  • My marketing team joins weekly regional sales meetings through our video conferencing solution, iMeet®. By investing in face time with sales, we encourage a more collaborative environment for everyone and keep both the marketing and sales teams abreast of what’s happening on both sides. Video helps to build a more personal relationship between marketing and the sales reps.
  • Because iMeet is an all-in-one solution with video, web and audio, we also use web conferencing features like screen share and file share for program updates and to review lead conversion metrics.
  • iMeet offers us the ability to host events with up to 125 participants of which 15 can be in high-definition video for virtual lunch-and-learn events and sales training.
  • For our annual kick-off we are now leveraging our iMeetLive™ webcasting solution, which makes it easy to broadcast out to the rest of the product, marketing and sales organization our strategic priorities for the coming year. iMeetLive allows us to reach up to 10,000 people.
  • iMeet is also integrated with our team workspace solution where we house all of our assets and sales enablement tools. We create workspaces for everything: upcoming virtual events and tradeshows, marketing updates, spaces to collaborate on ideas and relevant resources to support their social selling efforts. Team workspaces offer us transparency on who’s viewing our assets and act as self-service spaces for sales to find content, email templates, tips and best practices (such as examples of successful social selling techniques). Because it’s a cloud-based application, field sales reps can access these resources anytime and anywhere, which enables greater knowledge sharing and content accessibility.

We know that every sales team’s time is very valuable, even if they are working in the same office as us, which is why the all-in-one, integrated collaboration solutions at PGi work so well for our communication strategy. On top of one-click joining and mobile applications, these tools not only help us efficiently reach out to sales but also create a path of least resistance for sales to engage with us.

Sales and marketing teams are no different from other regionally and globally dispersed teams, which studies prove have the potential to match or even outperform the effectiveness of in-person teams through effective collaboration and shared goals. Learn how to create your sales and marketing alignment strategy now by watching the entire webinar on demand.

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