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The Power of Saying ‘Good Morning’ to Your Virtual Team

Saying “Good morning!” is something you do without thinking in the office but quickly forget when you’re working from home. But greeting your teammates is one of the best morning routines you can establish for virtual team building.

Here’s why those two little words are such a powerful start to your workday:

1. It helps you establish a morning routine. A lack of structure is one of the top reasons many employees don’t work outside the office, according to the 2015 PGi Global Telework Survey. By chatting a simple “Good morning!” to your teammates on a daily basis, you create a routine that helps you physically and mentally arrive on time. As it becomes habitual, you even create expectations from your teammates that will help you better hold yourself accountable to check in and be present for work at the start of the day.

2. It helps you plan more productive work days. If you don’t already have virtual standing meetings, morning greetings are an ideal time to touch base with your remote teammates. Check in on their tasks and projects, ask if they’re having trouble with anything and see if they’ll be unavailable at any point in the day so you can plan around it. In turn, this helps you decide what your top priorities for the day are (oh yeah, now you remember that last-minute request!) and minimize interruptions later as you get into your flow for the morning.

3. It opens up the lines for communication. According to the Global Telework Survey, the top negative aspects of working remotely include alienation and poor communication. Saying “Good morning!” helps prevent feelings of isolation and disengagement from developing and nips poor communication in the bud right from the start.

4. It starts everyone off on a positive note. Think of this as your virtual team’s first synchronized row into the water together. Would you rather start it off with people grumbling and looking in different directions or with unity and motivation? If you don’t want to feel like you’re communicating with robots the rest of the day, create an environment of respect, camaraderie and engagement right out the gate.

5. It gives you something to look forward to in the morning. If you’re wasting your mornings hitting the snooze button and putting off work until the last minute, you’re wasting some of your most productive hours. Instead, make yourself a morning person by giving yourself an incentive, like sharing a funny headline of the day or starting a “coffee hour” with your team.

Just because you’ve evolved beyond the office doesn’t mean you’ve evolved beyond basic business etiquette. And how you say good morning to your team matters just as much as whether you say it at all.

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