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10 Quotes on the Future of Business Collaboration

Business collaboration will look very different behind the doors of booming businesses in the future, according to experts at the 2015 Collabosphere collaboration conference. The most successful companies of tomorrow will be the ones that reevaluate, rethink and reimagine the way they approach everything, from reshaping cultures to restructuring entire businesses to improve collaboration.

Glimpse the future of business collaboration with 10 quotes from Collabosphere.

  1. “A company has to fall in order to learn how to collaborate.” —Claire Burge
  2. “No matter how hard you work…if you don’t make people feel like work is great, then they’ll forget about the rest…technology makes people feel good.” —David Burk
  3. “77 percent of all employees don’t use the enterprise collaboration tool they currently own. This is criminal. It’s time for us to hold employees accountable.” —Phil Simon
  4. “I’m not sure we’ve gotten to the point where single-purpose applications have reached their full potential.” —Boland Jones
  5. “You don’t know what the next two years are going to bring, and if you can only live in a box, you’re not very productive.” —Sheryl Pattek
  6. “Start to think about your company like a lab and less like a factory.” —Jacob Morgan
  7. “The question is…how can we reimagine the ways people get work done?” —Michael Sampson
  8. “Entrepreneurial employees…the kinds of employees that will help us think of new ideas to be more productive.” —Ben Casnocha
  9. “What defines organizations of the future? Openness.” —Claire Burge
  10. “Instead of work-life balance, let’s just talk about time.” —Dawna Ballard

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