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5 Future of Work Trends and Challenges Businesses Must Conquer

Businesses are already more mobile, flexible, digital and agile than ever before. What’s next for the future of work?

Here are five ways work is quickly changing and the challenges that lie ahead:

  1. Asynchronous Collaboration: Near-time collaboration is increasingly important to connect virtual teams, build digital workplaces and increase agility. However, businesses will be tasked with breaking bad habits with these types of collaboration technologies—abusing email, over-relying on instant messaging, abandoning real-time collaboration, etc.—to fix broken communication.
  2. Always-on Business: Now that work can happen anywhere and at any time, businesses will need to help workers find their flow and improve their personal productivity amidst 24/7 connectivity.
  3. The Great Divide: The gap between workers will only increase as businesses work together across distance and time not only with remote workers and distributed offices but also third-party partners and vendors. Creating seamless collaboration, achieving inclusion and building authentic relationships will require a greater reliance on technology and real organizational change.
  4. Collaboration-Centric Business: In order for collaboration technology to truly transform every line of business, changes to work flows, organizational structure and business models must follow suit. To boost business user adoption for new collaboration tools, businesses will need to catch up their culture to technology.
  5. Evolution of Innovation: On top of the rapid pace of innovation across industries, businesses will also need to adapt to and embrace the evolution of innovation itself. An open, new innovation ecosystem is on the horizon.

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