Collabosphere 2015: Meet the Speakers

PGi is pleased to bring Collabosphere, the ultimate collaboration conference, to Austin’s PGi Studios on September 28-29. Entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, professors, analysts and productivity experts will unite to discuss the future of collaboration and dissect the biggest obstacles keeping businesses from reaching their full potential.

Here’s a look at just a few of the 25+ speakers who will be taking the stage.

Boland T. Jones

PGi’s founder, chairman and CEO will kick off the event with a look at how the collaborative landscape is changing.

Ben Casnocha

Improving collaboration takes a lot more than new technology; it requires re-thinking our company cultures and our work relationships—whether department to department or worker to worker. Ben Casnocha, co-author of the New York Times best-selling books The Start-up of You and The Alliance (with LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman), will offer inspiration for a new way to think about management and the boss-employee relationship.

Jacob Morgan

Forbes columnist and future of work expert Jacob Morgan will showcase the 5 types of innovation models that your company should consider practicing—a new “innovation ecosystem” that touches all parts of your business, from suppliers to competitors to customers.

Dawna Ballard

University of Texas professor Dawna Ballard is an expert in time—specifically, how our modern pace of business is impacting our lives and the manner in which we communicate. Her studies have covered attention management, multitasking, communication overload, sustainable career practices and more. At Collabosphere, she will discuss the perks and perils of 24/7 connectivity.

Sheryl Pattek

Forrester Research VP and Principal Analyst Sheryl Pattek brings 25 years of executive-level marketing and B2B experience to the stage. She’ll draw on her research to highlight how marketing leaders must adapt to “the age of the customer,” then lead a panel talk on the future of collaboration between marketing and IT departments.

Phil Simon

Back in April, we had a chance to speak with Phil Simon about his latest book, Message Not Received. “How we’re working isn’t working,” he told us, explaining how silly corporate jargon and overreliance on email results in overwhelmed employees. In Austin, he’ll expand on his seven rules for fixing broken business communication.

There’s still time to reserve your seat at the conference (and the networking dinners and parties). If you can’t make it to Austin this year, we will be announcing live-streaming options closer to the event for many of the sessions. All of the BBQ, unfortunately, will not be available for streaming.


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