iMeet Sales Accelerator

Create Engaging Sales Presentations with iMeet® Narrate

As a sales guy myself, I know that sales pros are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. With so many pitches, cold calls and now social media posts all being leveraged to try and fill pipelines, how do you rise above the noise?

We decided to tackle this problem head on by building an innovative, intuitive way for sales to create engaging video presentations on top of our award-winning iMeet platform. And I’m proud today to announce the launch of this powerful new tool for your sales toolbox: iMeet Narrate.

With iMeet Narrate, sales and marketing pros can easily narrate slide presentations with either audio or video and then distribute them to prospects. Every presentation comes with integrated analytics, so you can see who opened your message and if they raised their hand for more information. And it integrates directly with leading CRM and marketing automation tools such as, Marketo and MailChimp.

Take a look at a few more of iMeet Narrate’s innovative features:

  • It’s easy. With only a webcam and a laptop, sales reps can record engaging video-narrated presentations and product demos that bring content to life.
  • It’s social selling and content marketing—all in one. Use personalized video pitches in your social selling efforts with just a click. Automatically email those same video presentations to individual prospects or bulk lead lists.
  • It’s instantly gratifying. Integrated analytics automatically tell you who opened your message, how long they viewed it and if they want to learn more. Simply click to add that activity to and follow up on the lead.
  • It accelerates time-to-close. Because prospects can immediately jump from a recorded video message into a live virtual demo or meeting, you move deals through the pipeline faster.

But don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at iMeet Narrate in action below, as our Content Manager Josh Erwin takes you through a sneak peek of one of our eBooks:

To learn more about iMeet Narrate and how it can provide both your sales and marketing teams with a powerful presentation creator complete with built-in tracking and lead generation, visit today.


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