Don’t Rely on the Same Old Presentation Song and Dance

Gone are the days when you were forced to use one or two options like a slide deck or a projector to relay your information. Now, we have access to the internet and to free tools that can really up your presentation game.

So instead of relying on the same old presentation song and dance, consider using different and nonconventional ways to get and keep your audience’s attention during your next presentation. Let’s take a look at a few ways to keep your audience from nodding off in your next presentation:

Act it Out: A key way to get your audience’s attention is to get them engaged with your presentation, and sometimes, getting them physically involved can take a presentation from just “blah” to “wow!” Use anecdotes or scenarios to get your point across, and use participants from the audience to help you act out the situation. After all, the best way for some people to learn and retain information is from having a hands-on experience.

Comedy: You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to inject a little life into your presentation. Feel free to use jokes (wisely), but also don’t forget about using other resources for laughs like memes. Memes have taken the internet by storm, and by using a simple Google search and some ingenuity, you’re bound to be a meme that relates to your subject matter.

Using comedy in a presentation not only keeps the mood light, but it also allows your audience to feel comfortable and able to relate to you. Sticking strictly to business may be appropriate with some subject matter, but if you’re presenting or teaching information to an audience, don’t be afraid to showcase your humor and personality.

Music: If you’ve ever been to a large conference before, then you’ve likely noticed that while participants are filing in, there’s always music playing. Silence can be a mood killer in a lot of situations, so if you’re presenting to a large audience, have some sort of upbeat music playing as your audience walks in.

Remember your age demographic, however, as you want to make sure you’re not playing music they are unfamiliar with. Keep it light, keep it positive and your audience will be pumped up and ready for your ideas as they enter their seats.

 Surprise/Prize: We’ve already talked about getting you audience up and out of their seats to get involved with your presentation, but if you want to be a little more subtle with your audience engagement, try putting something under their chairs. Something like a small promotional item that goes along with the theme of your message or anything that will catch your audience by surprise can be a win for you. This type of engagement, especially something tangible, will help your audience remember you and your message in the future.

Step up the Deck: Sometimes using a presentation deck is unavoidable, especially if you’re a sales person who is sending presentations to prospects. The next time you’re ready to create a product presentation to send to a prospect, step up your slide decks. There are plenty of free online design tools like Haiku Deck or Canva that can help you make a presentation personalized.

The great thing about presentations is they are not only a way to showcase a product or implement some sort of training, but they’re a way to inject a little bit of your personality as well. Take these nonconventional ideas as a starting point to pumping up your presentations, and watch your audience engagement grow.

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