Global Commuting Gifographic

Gifographic: How Does Your Commute Compare to the World?

Honk, honk! Beep, beep! Ah, the soothing sounds of commuting—there’s no better way to start or end the workday.

Who are we kidding? Commuting is the worst! And according to the second annual PGi Global Telework Survey Report, most workers commute more than 30 minutes every day.

How long is your commute: 15 minutes, 45 minutes, over an hour? See how your roundtrip commute stacks up with the rest of the world in the newest gifographic by PGi.

Considering most employees work about 251 days each year, these numbers add up to super commuters spending at least 15,060 minutes commuting per year! There’s a better way.

Teleworking just one day per week could help you gain all that time back to get a head start on work, sleep in, make a healthy breakfast or see the kids off before school. About 79 percent of the world already teleworks, according to the Global Telework Survey.

Find out how businesses perceive teleworkers, the biggest pros and cons of teleworking and how and where teleworkers are getting work done by downloading the complete, free report now.

To get the complete Global Telework Survey results, click here.

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