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3 Ways You Can Use iMeet Agenday to Increase Employee Awareness

When PGi first launched iMeet Agenday, thousands of app users downloaded the tool to manage their multiple hectic calendars, join their meetings with a single touch and stay productive while on the go.

Today, the tool is so much more than an individual download. Enterprises everywhere are leveraging the powerful features in iMeet Agenday to help hundreds of thousands of knowledge workers save time, cut company-wide audio costs through LCR (local call routing) and streamline internal processes.

Why a calendar app has everything to do with employee engagement.

In the Corporate Communications department, we’re constantly looking for where our associates are throughout their day and how we can reach them. Whether it’s to the office breakroom, their email inbox or their phones, we want our message to be where they already are.

Now that iMeet Agenday is the go-to calendar and meeting app for our company garnering on average 8 views per day, we’ve found the perfect place to reach our associates. Thanks to iMeet Agenday’s admin dashboard, we can easily deploy app banners and push notifications across our entire employee base in a unique and powerful way.3 Ways You Can Use iMeet Agenday to Increase Employee Awareness

1) Top 3 Mentality: iMeet Agenday displays three rotating banners at the top of the app that can be designed and deployed in real-time. Admins are limited to three for a reason – Only the top, most-important announcements should be visible to your associates, sparing them from the usual internal communications deluge of noise. Employees are suffering from information overload. By bringing corporate communications to the one app that every employee uses throughout their day, companies are able to keep messaging current and closer to employees.  iMeet Agenday believes in simplifying your associates’ day and this limitation helps associates know what’s most important.

2) Push Notifications = “BREAKING NEWS” Announcements: The app caters to time-sensitive announcements thanks to the real-time push notification that accompanies each banner. When banners are deployed, admins can customize a notification that is pushed to each of your associates’ phones. With one swipe, your associates are into the app and reading your important message.3) Are You Mobile-Friendly? iMeet Agenday provides an excellent way to communicate announcements that are mobile-friendly. Banners offer a quick and easy way for associates to click through to the full article, press release, web page or video that you want to share. Don’t forget to check the mobile experience before posting your banner by clicking through on your own device.

For more information on iMeet Agenday and enterprise features, visit http://www.agenday.com/enterprise

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Cora Rodenbusch is a Senior Communications Manager at PGi, focusing on internal company communications and company culture.

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