5 Horrifying Meeting Mistakes That Will Keep You up at Night

From haunted houses and scary corn mazes to slasher flicks and your coworkers’ “Halloween costumes”, this time of year can bring around some pretty creepy and horrifying things. But sometimes even the most mundane things can be scary. Case and point: meetings.

Even the most ordinary of meetings can be scary, especially if you dare to make any of these five horrifying errors. You may just find yourself haunted at night by the ghosts of your meeting mistakes.

1. Being Late: Just when you thought you were safe to make it to your meeting on time, horror strikes: you get a message from a coworker asking where you are. Your meeting isn’t in an hour, it’s NOW! You can’t run and hide, you must face the room full of coworkers, and most horrifying–your annoyed boss.

2. Leaving Your Cellphone On: You’re in a meeting when all of a sudden your phone starts to ring. There’s no telling who’s on the other end. Is it a mass murderer or is it your mom telling you that you forgot your lunch? Both are terrifying but it doesn’t matter because now you’ve interrupted the meeting with your Justin Bieber ringtone and everyone is shooting daggers from their eyes in your direction.

3. Being Unprepared: Beads of sweat rolling down your brow, gut-wrenching fear and shaky hands. No, you’re not starring in a slasher flick, but the anxiety of being unprepared for your meeting can sure make it feel that way.

4. Forgetting to Hit Mute: You’re working from home and on a conference call, and the door bell rings. You get up cautiously and to your relief it’s just the delivery man. You exchange a few words, and then realize, you’re not on mute–you’ve interrupted the entire call! The silence on the line is deafening as you try to apologize.

5. Getting Shut-Eye: Meetings can drag on and on, and if you’re a little short on sleep you may fall prey to the midday slump and accidentally catch some Zs during your meeting. Catching some shut eye now will definitely keep you up at night thinking about the glare your boss gave you when you snored just a little too loud.

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