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5 Signs You Need to Chuck Your “Starter Software”

Once upon a time, you started a business. You acquired shiny, new tools to help you collaborate and communicate your business dream to the world.

By now, though, you’ve probably grown customers, expanded operations and added employees to the point where your online meeting software now feels more like hand-me-down technology. That’s a problem, not only holding back productivity and collaboration but also your brand. There’s nothing more unprofessional than spotty audio, dropped calls and online ads beside your video cube.

Perhaps it was affordable, free or familiar at the time, but now, better technology exists that helps you grow your business, not just cut costs. Now, it’s probably time that you chuck your “starter software” and start searching for technology that truly solves problems, impresses customers and respects your hard-earned brand. Here are the signs to be sure.

Here are five signs it’s time for a new online meeting solution:

  1. Compared to other technology yours is ancient, missing HD video, download-free access and other modern features.
  2. You’ve grown, but your software hasn’t. Do customers and employees cram into your online meeting room? It’s time to scale.
  3. Teams use different tools to meet online because your software doesn’t integrate with their existing workflows and applications.
  4. Online meetings are still the worst. It’s too complicated, too hard to hear and too slow to get work done.
  5. You wouldn’t trust your provider for insights and expertise. They’re just a vendor, not a partner.

See these signs at your business? Then launch that software into space and start searching for a better way to meet.

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Ashley Speagle is a Florida-born, Georgia-raised communications specialist, couch movie critic, dream interpreter, acrophobic adventure seeker, outdoors enthusiast, and easy-going introvert.

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