Formula for a Winning Presentation Design

Formulating the best presentation for your next sales meeting can seem like rocket science. Where do you start? Should you use graphs and pie charts? How do you conclude your presentation? Is there really a science behind designing the perfect presentation?

The Presentation Scientists at PGi have the answers. Check out the five elements you need to create a winning presentation design that will have your prospect saying “yes” to you and your products.

5 Periodic Elements of a Successful Sales Presentation:
 The Opening Slide: Did you know first impressions are made within 5 minutes of meeting someone? It doesn’t take a lot for us to make up our minds! Your first slide is the equivalent of your presentation’s first impression. Capture your audience’s attention with a killer opening slide by using eye-catching visuals, concise language or music.
The Story Line: Story lines aren’t just for fairy tales and novels. Your presentation should tell a story with your prospect as the main character. In order to truly develop your story, use a plot, setting, characters, conflict and conclusion.
Unleash the Data: A tried and true method to establishing credibility during your presentation is to use data, and use it well. According to the Toulmin Method of Argumentation, a popular theory created by British philosopher Stephen Toulmin, to get your point across you’ll need several examples of evidence (or data).
The Power of Visuals: Fun fact: According to Forbes Insight, 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text. So how does this effect your presentation? It means you need to skip text heavy slides and aim for powerful visuals to evoke the desired feelings (like happiness, laughter or trust). Not a PowerPoint Picasso? Try free online design tools like Canva or Prezi to help you spice up your presentation.
Thematic Design: Everyone loves a theme! Design is a huge part of what makes your presentation powerful and memorable. Consider using a theme for your slide deck by incorporating background, interesting (but legible) fonts, cohesive layout and images or multimedia. In the word of Northwestern University professor D.A. Norman, “[…] attractive things work better”.
Use these five elements to make your next presentation a success, and if you’re ready for some more killer presentation ideas check out our free eBook, The Science of Sales Presentations. Don’t forget to share your winning presentation formulas with our PGi Presentation Scientists on Twitter by using the hashtag #AccelerateSales.

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