Making Customers the Hero at MarketingProfs B2B 2015 Forum

Are your marketing efforts focusing more on your story than the customer’s? Do your marketing campaigns feel a little less than, well, human?

This year’s MarketingProfs’ B2B Marketing Forum on Oct. 21-23 was all about the three C’s: creating customer connections!

Across all 54 sessions, the message echoed again and again is to put the customer at the center, as recapped by Heinz Marketing. Companies that do so not only experience better marketing results but also increased innovation and customer loyalty.

It’s no longer enough to just flood prospects with your own company’s message. As TheStoryHow Institute Founder Ron Ploof said, your marketing team must make customers the hero of every story you tell.

“Our product is a minor character in the story. Your customer is the hero of the story…We are all the heroes of our own story. To think that I can step into your story and be the hero is both silly and arrogant. Think of this when you’re putting together your marketing materials.”

One of the most powerful tools to tell more personalized stories and authentically connect with prospects is webinar technology. And PGi showed attendees just how to leverage the power of webinars to drive lead generation and engagement.

Alissa Dettelbach, Demand Generation Marketer at PGi, lead the lunch and learn session, “3 Ways to Ignite Your Pipeline Conversion Using Webinars,” to a packed room. Visit these resources today to learn more about why webinar technology should be part of your customer-centric marketing efforts this year:

Those who attended and stopped by PGi’s booth, thank you! In case you missed the presentation, scroll through the photos below for a quick look at the session, and if you have a followup question, get in touch with Alissa now on Twitter.

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