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Got Video?: Using Video to Speed up Sales

Sales professionals are always looking for ways to connect and engage with prospects and turn them into true opportunities. They’re also looking for ways to warm up leads that have long been left untouched. But with so much competition in the marketplace, sales teams need to make sure they stand out and make a lasting impression. The solution to the problem? Video.

Find out how video can not only improve a sales teams ability to stand out, but can also foster stronger relationships and ultimately improve their ability to generate top of the funnel leads and move through the sales process more quickly.

Key Takeaways & Statistics:

  • 59% of senior executives prefer watching video to reading text.
  • Including a video in an introductory email increases CTR by 96%.
  • Personalization is key to building solid relationships with prospects and warming up cold leads.
  • Forget using text as your main source of communication with prospects – follow up with a video.

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